Coronavirus Safety in our Dental Office

The California Dental Association (CDA) is closely monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and has gathered the latest information and tips in one place to help members decrease their risks and protect their patients, staff, and practice

Dr. Daniel Jeffrey Cohen, DDS, and his staff have always worked diligently to provide excellent dental care for their patients and at the same time to meet or exceed infectious disease prevention standards. Treatment rooms and instruments are sterilized and disinfected prior to every dental appointment with the use of Autoclave sterilization and Surface Disinfectants. Additionally, Dr. Cohen and his staff wash with soap and water or Hand Sanitizers before and after every patient visit. They also use Protective Personal Barriers: medical scrubs, gloves, and masks, etc.

As an added precaution during the CORONAVIRUS outbreak our office is taking the following precautions to help to reduce the risk to all of our patients and staff.

To date, we know of no one in our office (patients or staff) who have come in contact with the Coronavirus. We always strive to keep the health of our patients and staff at the highest priority. All inquiries to our office about our Coronavirus and/or general hygiene protocols are always welcome.

Our office may be reached by
telephone (949)364-1140 or e-mail

For additional info please call us at (949) 364-1140.